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The SEAS method (Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis) is the result of a research effort by ISICO (Istituto Scientifico Italiano Colonna Vertebralle), the largest network for treating spine conditions in Italy.

It is based on a special type of energetic self-correction which is taught individually for each patient, and then it is correlated to stabilization exercises that include neuromuscular control, training in proprioception and balance.

The SEAS method is also characterized by a cognitive-behavioral approach between the patient and his/her family, in order to maximize compliance with the treatment. One of the most important elements of this approach in comparison with other methods is the total adaptation of the exercise program to the patient's specific features.

The method uses energetic exercises to self-correct posture.


It is used for kyphosis and scoliosis, with an aim to help the patient search for the suitable self-correcting position depending on the type of condition.

The aim of the SEAS method is to teach the patient active self-correction and incorporate this gradually into his/her everyday activities.






The exercises of the method help to prevent deterioration of the condition, to improve awareness and the independent correction of the condition by the patients themselves, to create a satisfactorily stable curve when the child is fully grown and better stabilization of the spine.







With scientific testing, the ISICO institute proved that exercise helps to maintain the effect of the correction of the brace.

This is the reason why after treatment, a child must continue the exercises daily for the rest of his/her life, even for a few minutes.