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It was invented by American surgeon Charles F. Taylor (1827-1899). For more than a century it was the most widely used thoracolumbar brace for various reasons (cheap, easy to find, even in the smallest pharmacy|.




It is applied to the body with the use of 6 straps which start from the posterior parallel metal rods, which are pre-curved on the back of the patient and after the top straps go round the shoulders, they are tied on front on a free-standing piece of material, usually with metal fasteners.

Hyper-extension is achieved by pulling all six straps to the right and left in order to pull the shoulders back. Theoretically hyper-extension is achieved, but somebody else must always pull the straps, because the patients cannot do it themselves.





Practically, what we see is a patient with kyphosis carrying a brace with the metal rods sticking up like antennae over his back.





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A variation of the Taylor brace is Knight Taylor, made from thermoplastic material