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The use of the Rigo – Cheneau brace, created by Dr. Rigo in Barcelona and was modified by SPONDYLOS,  along with the concurrent use of daily Kinesiotherapy, that is gymnastics based on the two basic exercise systems for scoliosis, the SCHROTH and the SEAS methods, began to show the way towards effective conservative treatment.





How does it work?molds


In essence it is a tridimensional brace.

By exercising pressures at various levels forming the scoliosis curves of scoliosis and with a concurrent relief in the concave side at multiple levels.


Corrections are very hard to achieve on a plaster mold. Digital technology is used for this reason.


How it is made? 



The body of the patient is scanned with a Handheld Laser Scanner and a digital mold is created. Then the digital mold is processed in a specialized CAD – CAM program. 

Lastly, the desired correction for the specific scoliosis is checked. This, of course, depends on the elasticity of the spine and the age of the patient.

Finally, the corrected now digital mold is elaborated in polyurethane molds on the digital pantograph. The whole procedure ends with the melting of polypropylene and its application to the mold through the aid of a vacuum pump.








It is perfectly functional in all children's activities,    










does not viewed through clothes and of course fastens in front with velcro straps, unlike Boston braces, which fastening from behind.