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14.5 years old teen  with a left Thoracolumbar Scoliosis 27,4 ° and a big pelvis deviation right.




cha new1


as well as Scheuermann Kyphosis 52°









cha new3 cha new4




It was fitted a SPONDYLOS Kyphoscoliosis brace and she started doing exercises for scoliosis and kyphosis Schroth and SEAS.






One year after the correction in her image was impressive.



cha new2                                            CHAM--rx-2-b                                                                               

Scoliosis was reduced to 16 ° and the symmetry was perfect,


CHAM--rx-1-b  cha new5 CHAM-5-OK                  



while kyphosis was perfectly normal in 33 °