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Man, 24 years old, with 72 ̊ Scheuermann kyphosis which was never treated during puberty.






He began SPONDYLOS treatment with Schroth and SEAS special exercises of increasing difficulty for 1.5 hours daily and he was fitted a SPONDYLOS kyphosis brace for 10-12 hours after the exercises.

He completed treatment after 20 months of continuous treatment.



Besides the correction of the kyphotic angle, the X-rays also show that the intervertebral disk spaces opened at the front.

Following the end of the treatment, a maintenance program of mild exercising began, to maintain the result.




search 2 redWoman, 60 years old, with 76 ̊ Scheuermann kyphosis and degenerative spondyloarthritis. The patient arrived with severe chronic pain in the back.





The patient was subjected to the program for adult kyphosis with Schroth and SEAS kinesiotherapy daily for 1 hour, and a SPONDYLOS kyphosis brace for 8 hours after kinesiotherapy.


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After 1 year, the patient was in no pain (even from the first month of application), her aesthetic image was improved and there was as 20° reduction in the kyphotic angle.





She still continues treatment, as the kyphotic angle is still decreasing.