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From its outset, SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab placed emphasis on research, whether this is clinical or laboratory.





As it concerns Clinical Research, this was based on the collection of data from the application of various braces, as these were constructed for patients, and from their processing during the design of new braces, so that they are constantly improved. In many cases, such as with the SPONDYLOS Kyphosis brace, a pioneering model of kyphosis brace was developed that contained all the features of a totally corrective brace, but it included cutting-edge design and was greatly aesthetically accepted by the patients.




In the field of Laboratory Research, a biomechanical laboratory was developed with the cooperation of a computer engineer and a mechanical engineer, with an aim to research the monitoring of the application of braces on Scoliosis patients, either the time factor of the application, or the testing and recording of pressures on the body of the patient.



SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab continues its research in all sectors with a high sense of responsibility.