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These are Scoliosis that are created by the paralysis of various muscle groups, following neurological conditions. They usually arise at childbirth.













Cerebral palsy, spinal muscular atrophy and other neurological conditions and syndromes that fall into the general pathology of these conditions.









Treatment consists to retain or partial correct of these scoliosis, which have usually a "C" shape curve, to adulthood.

If they survive from the initial disease and they have strengths, they could be operated by posterior fusion.

As neuromuscular scoliosis aggravated, especially during rapid growth, they must be restrained when the angle is still small, by means of special braces.



11 years old, cerebral palsy (tetraplegia). 2008 35° Right thoracic scoliosis. After 2 years, 2010, aggravation of scoliosis 58°.



Application of a SPONDYLOS Rigo- Cheneau brace and immediate reduction of the angle to 39°.