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At SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab, we are particularly sensitive towards the use of X-rays.

Digital X-rays of low radiation are necessary for the diagnosis and testing of the treatment, but their use must be that of absolute necessity and not abusive. Consequently we use them at the first visit and usually after 2 years.

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For this reason, the use of surface topography technology is necessary to test the treatment.

Formetric 4D, which SPONDYLOS brought in 2006, for the first time to Greece, is the avant-garde in technology of surface topography.



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Using Moire principle and after computer processing, without touching the patient, a harmless light and Laser scanner offers us three-dimensional imaging of the Spine with the almost the precision of an X-ray.





  • Measurement of the Cobb scoliotic
  • Measurement of the kyphotic angle
  • Measurement of the rotation of the vertebrae
  • Measurement of the humps
  • Measurement of the inclination and the rotation of the pelvis
  • Measurement of the inclination and the rotation of the shoulders
  • Analysis of the body balance


It can also perform a multitude of analyses on the scoliotic or kyphotic angle, the gibbosity angle, the inclination of the shoulders and the pelvis etc.

It is a precious instrument to ascertain the corrections taken by the brace. It is as if the patient has had an X-ray, since this test is performed a few minutes after the removal of the brace and before the spine has time to return to its non-correct position

It can also compare the main measurements in later re-examinations.

In SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab is done by the presence and guidance of Orthopaedic Surgeon.