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A brace made in Greece!

This is still the most widely used Boston-type brace in Greece. It was designed in the early 1980s by Dr. D. Antoniou, who later became director of the Scoliosis department at the KAT Athens Accident Hospital.

It is constructed on a mold (usually made from plaster taken from the body of the patient) from thermo-plastic material, usually polyethylene, with a Plastazot foam material internal lining. Lately, as it is still used by certain laboratories in Greece, it is constructed digitally.



Its main feature is the frontal struts made from duralumin, the rear metal supports and the metal derotation pads; the name D.D.B. is actually an acronym: Dynamic Derotation Brace.

It was considered an innovation in its time and was adopted by many Greek Orthopedic surgeons of that period.

The processing of the mold includes parallelism corrections. Depression points are covered with large amounts of Plastazot. It buckles behind, like BOSTON-type, with straps.


ddbfront  ddbback2

Its bad esthetics, its weight, the presence of many metal elements and the imprecise placement of pads has outdated this brace, and Greece is the only country in the world where it is still used.