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Treatment includes a special made brace SPONDYLOS Rigo-Cheneau, according to the type of scoliosis and seminars ofrespiratory and asymmetric Schroth exercises as well as self correcting exercises SEAS.



The younger the child the more we rely on the application of the brace and less on the exercise that works auxiliary. The contrary happens towards the end of growth.







Can the Scoliosis be corrected ? 


The first question of the parents which for the first time faced Scoliosis is: Can be Corrected; The answer to this question is that it can be reduced not vanish, unless it is a very small scoliosis. But with a few very serious conditions.



1. The child should  be perfectly obedient regarding the hours of brace  application (usually 21 hours per day)

2. It should have the straps of the brace always in tension, so to be exerted an increasing pressure.

3. It should be practiced every day, for at least 45 minutes, of Schroth and SEAS exercise programs.


The goal of treatment is to reduce scoliosis up to 50% and this result to be preserved after removing the brace, which is determined at the end of bone growth. As for the removal of the brace, this is staggered in the period of one year approximately after bone maturation. The exercise should be continuous over its entire life.       




Scoliosis avenges


If the teenager is in the phase of rapid growth (> 10 cm height per year) and this is usually one year before and one year after the start of menstruation, scoliosis can get worse very much. Up to 15 degrees within six months.

The following example shows what happens when the child which is in rapid growth, is not discipliningin to the treatment and what happens when decides to discipline. 


Teenager 11 years and six months old, menstruation at age of 11, Riser  bone maturity index 0 (indication of strong growth), with a right  Thoracic Scoliosis 31 ° Cobb angle and a Left  Lumbar Scoliosis  12 ° Cobb angle, as well as a big hump of 18 °.





It was fitted a SPONDYLOS Rigo Cheneau brace and she trained in the methods Schroth and SEAS.

It was a successful fitting anf the in brace X-ray showed 15,7° at the  thoracic and 5,8° at the Lumbar.


kbbr-ok                  kbxr3-ok


The patient did not follow the program. The application of the brace was less than 14 hours per day and I did not do exercises. In six months was reviewed and it was worsened the appearance of her body and theThoracic angle reached 37 °.


kb2-after-ok                   kbxr2-ok


The patient decided to apply the brace 21 hours per day and do exercises. One year after the outcome below shows a very good correction of the angle of scoliosis and the rotation by almosteliminating the hump.










Treatment of Scoliosis is a constant battle during the entire life of the patient .


The full day application of the brave should continue until the closing of the epiphyses, up to certified the end of bone growth (practically is estimated at about 2-4 years from the start of the menstruation).

The reason is, as can be seen by the example below, that there is a loss rate of the correction when there is still growth regardless of the age.

Patient 16 years old with a 32,7 ° left  thoracolumbar scoliosis and Riser  bone maturity index 3.

It was fitted a SPONDYLOS Rigo Cheneau brace and she trained in the methods Schroth and SEAS.

The patient was wearing the brace 21 hours a day. Two years after, the scoliosis corrected by 63% reachingwithout the brace 13,8 °. Although the patient had reached 18 years the level of growth was Riser 3 to 4. She decided then not to apply the brace and not practiced considering that due to age had finished on treating scoliosis.

The result was that a year after the scoliosisangle to increase to 17,8 ° and two years after was reached the 20,2 ° and the epiphyses still be slightly open.

 la1Initial 32°   la2After 2 years 13°   la3After 3 years 18°    la4After 4 years 20°


After bone maturation, should the patient be practiced daily with the exercises he has learned and immediately after at the end of the exercises apply the brace for about eight hours (could be during sleep). This can last from 6 to 12 months.

Then should be practiced every day for at least 4 years in all exercise programs.

In adult life should be exercised everyday for 10-15 minutes in specific exercises that will taught.

Also in future pregnancies should not get a lot of weight and after the birth must follow at leastfor six months the full exercise program.