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CAD - CAM, acronyms of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing, are special programs that process digital molds and create the final mold for the construction of braces.

Processing is crucial for controlling the precision of the dimensions of the digitized surface of the body and the correct digital interpretation of the model depends on this.

At SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab, we process the received mold through a hand-held Laser scanner via these special CAD and CAM programs.




In the CAD programs, there is the option of inserting photographs and x-rays to elaborate the digital molds.







Depending on the brace we want to create, the necessary corrections are made, so that the digital mold finally takes the form required, in order to be processed by CAΜ (Computer Aided Manufacturing), which in turn will prepare the final digital mold to be processed in the Carver , the digital pantograph, which will cut out the mold from a polyurethane block.