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Back pain is one of the most serious problems for an adult with scoliosis, especially if it is a low back scoliosis.

There are caused from the disc's  stress in the concave side of the curve and the wedge deformation of them .

Consequently degenerative spondylarthritis is established, with the creation of osteophytes (spurs) and affecting the posterior vertebral joints, which mostly are responsible for the chronic pain.

The problem is clearly mechanical. On the side of the  curve, discs are subjected to larger loads than the curved side; this results in their plastic deformation and consequently an increase in the scoliotic angle.

If this continued beyond a point usually occurs a lateral sliding on top vertebra of the curve. 


Progression of scoliosis in a an adult 


Usually, most degenerative Adult Scoliosis are particularly found in women, who may have had slight scoliosis in their puberty or may not have noticed any. After 2-3 decades, and more specifically after the age of 35 and up to 50, these scoliosis reach gigantic dimensions and enter to the mechanic vicious circle of aggravation. Problems usually begin with mild chronic back pain. Patients usually visit Spine Centers reporting back pain and in some cases sciatica.Some of them may observe a change in their bodies or they may not associate this change with their symptoms. 

In their majority, patients have put on weight during these years and most of them have been pregnant and where they never exercised on a scoliosis exercise program or generally were not particularly athletic.




Treatment should be cause therapy and not only symptomatic for provisional pain reduction.

It is well known the use of braces reduced the pain that a patient with degenerative adult scoliosis felt, in the same way that exercise slowed down its natural process.

Also, patients have always preferred treatment with a brace to surgery, where the older the patient, the more the problems and risks from a surgical operation.


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The combination of asymmetrical exercise and a brace of a special type succeed to change the course of adult scoliosis. The program that was created by SPONDYLOS 4 years ago has already had impressive results.

The program is based on three axes:

1. Exercises for scoliosis with Schroth breathing and asymmetrical exercises,

2. SEAS exercises for correct posture and

3. the special brace designed by SPONDYLOS to maintain the corrections.