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High precision 3D digital equipment such as Laser Scanner, Formetric 4D surface topography, Cad Cam processing of the molds, maximize the results of the therapy.



Specialized and certified Physiotherapists teach Schroth and SEAS methods at SPONDYLOS areas every day.

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From its outset, SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab placed emphasis on research, whether this is clinical or laboratory.

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At Spondylos Laser Spine Lab we believe that treatment of Scoliosis in children must be timely and direct. We must not wait for a scoliosis to reach an angle of 25° to do something. Worsening of a scoliosis is the direct decision for treatment.

The use of the Spondylos-Rigo – Cheneau brace, but also concurrent daily kinesiotherapy with the SCHROTH and the SEAS method, is the solution for effective conservative treatment.

The Spondylos-Rigo-Cheneau brace is designed based on the detailed analysis of the forces exerted on various levels, thus forming the scoliosis curves. To make the corrections, high digital technology is used. The Laser Scanner, the CAD – CAM programs, Formetric 4D, are some of these used for the construction of the brace.

The difference is already apparent in the trial fitting, where the initial target is to reduce the scoliotic angle by half, without excluding the cases where the angle is reduced even to one third after 5 months of wearing.

After 1 year of treatment, the result must be maintained even after temporary removal of the brace. It is also basic to be maintained at the end of the treatment and after the growth end.

The appearance of the child must also be restored, so that it does not appear that there is a problem.